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On January 31st Skpe introduces Skype 2.5 for the Macintosh.


Increase Video Resolution PDF Print E-mail
Written by Loren Abdulezer   

The normal resolution on Skype video has been 320x240 pixels. By applying a minor tweak to the Skype configuration you can bump up the transmission to 640x480.

Please note: that before making any configuration change to or hacking your Skype environment or computer, you should take the necessary precautions and back up your files and be absolutely certain of what you are doing.


Here are the steps involved:
  • 1. If you are using a version of Skype earlier than you will need to upgrade.
To upgrade, first quit your Skype application if you have it running.
Make sure you download Skype or later for the Mac.
  • 2. Launch Skype, go to your preferences and enable video.
Connect you iSight camera to your Mac if it is not already connected.
Note: if this is your first time you plugged in your iSight camera while running Skype, the iChat program (from Apple) may launch. Simply quit the ichat program so that it doesn't interfere. Once you have a video image (albeit at a low resolution), you can quit Skype.
  • 3. Update your Skype config.xml file

What you've done in the previous step is to force Skype to make an entry for your built in video in its config.xml file.

The default resolution for the video is 320x240. If you modify the config.xml file you can bump this up to 640x480.

Here is what you do. Locate your config.xml file and open it up inside a text editor.
Relative to your home directory, your config.xml file can be found in "Library/Application Support/Skype/YOUR_SKYPE_NAME/" directory.

Of course, replace YOUR_SKYPE_NAME with your actual Skype login name. Select the config.xml file and right-mouse click it and select Open With and choose a text editor like TextEdit.

Towards the end of the file you will see an entry like:

Change it to:

Save the file and quit the program. The next time you start up Skype, it will read and use the new settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not attempt this unless you are thoroughly comfortable and experienced in hacking your Mac. At the very least, you should make a backup copy of your config.xml file, so you can restore your original settings should anything go wrong.

If you are the slightest unsure of what to do, seek the help of a friend who is comfortable and fluent in the Mac operating system, or else simply wait till the next major release of Skype comes out, which may automatically make use of the higher resolution of webcams like the iSight.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 February 2007 )
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